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Margo Kinzer Courter, Author, National Presenter and Speech-Language Pathologist, offers full day, 1/2 day and multiday workshops and seminars.  She presents a hands on learning experience full of practical ideas that are easily implemented into your therapy practices.

Topics Available at Your Workplace, State and Regional Conferences, and Special Interest Groups
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Evaluation and Practical Treatment Strategies - This presentation provides the framework for evaluating CAS based on ASHA's 2007 position statement on this disorder.  Treatment strategies include proven approaches and strategies for effective remediation.
  • Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Language Therapy - This workshop provides effective and easy to implement strategies for the morphology, phonology, syntax, pragmatics and supra linguistic skills.
  • Language Differences vs. Language Disorders for English Language Learners and English as a Second Language. This seminar provides information regarding the morphology, phonology, syntax, and semantic foundations in order to build connections quicker for language skill acquisition.
  • The Language and Literacy Connection - As a full day seminar this training includes narrative development, morphology, phonology, and syntax.  As a 1/2 day training, it would concentrate on either narrative development or the language domains.
  • The Three Tiers of Vocabulary - Based on Beck,McGowan and Kucan's work on vocabulary acquisition, this seminar provides practical techniques for increasing basic concepts, high frequency and curriculum based vocabulary skills. **** Great for Teachers and Resource Teachers!
  • The Psychologist Calls It a Language Processing Disorder: What it is and How we treat it - Psychologists will often state in their reports that the student has a language processing disorder. Learn what they consider a processing disorder and how we can effectively treat it.
  • Can't Remediate that /R/?  Try this Technique - This hands on workshop app
  • Project Based Language Therapy: Intregrating into Classroom Projects - This seminar supports speech-language patholoigsts and resource teachers in integrating goals into classroom projects.
  • Common Core State and Academic Standards and Speech-Language Pathologist- This seminar links our goals with your state academic standards.  It offers a problem solving day regarding the goals we choose, the standards they link to and are we choosing the best goals for academic success.
  • How to Improve Your Presentation Skills -  This hands on workshop targets adults who want to improve their ability to present.  This includes skills needed for business meetings to large audience presentations.

Other topics available upon request
Most of the above topics are a full day presentation or can be combined with another topic
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